4 interesting scientific facts about flirting with your Ukrainian girlfriend
If you treat flirting simply as a casual conversation, it will only delight you and your Ukrainian girlfriend. However, some people deprive themselves of this even in letters and chat, because they believe that flirting is taken too seriously by the other side, they are afraid to violate the norms of decency. Remember that fleeting flirting does not always imply any relationship in the future and is an indicator of frivolity. Not to mention the fact that such flirting is useful even for long-established couples. Now we will look at interesting scientific facts about flirting that not all people know about.

1. Produces endorphins - the hormone of happiness

Endorphin is called a natural drug. This substance is produced in the human body. It can cause a feeling of great happiness, but this effect lasts for a very short time. One of the easiest ways to experience this happiness is to flirt with your Ukrainian beloved. If a man flirts with a woman he likes, a large amount of testosterone is produced in his body. At the same time, it does not matter at all what goal the representative of the stronger sex pursued: just to complement an attractive lady or get to know her for a serious relationship.

2. Increases self-esteem, liberates

All people know about "nerds" who have no idea how to communicate with the fair sex and pickup artists who make seduction their hobby. If a person wants to be liberated, to stop being overly shy, flirting can help him. During flirting, the brain literally shuts down, and you are completely guided by your emotions. As a result, he forgets about his fears and insecurities. Experienced ladies' lovers know this is a great self-esteem exercise.

3. Masks external flaws

Since after flirting, there are much more endorphins in the blood, a period of euphoria and unreasonable happiness sets in very quickly. People who are in this state do not try to look for flaws in others: they enjoy everything that happens. The flirting person begins to idealize his interlocutor to some extent. Roughly the same thing happens with people in love who see only good in each other.

4. Flirting is harder to turn down

A skillfully flirting person with the help of flirting can even manipulate others. Many people specializing in the field of psychology argue that very few people can refuse a person who has a genuine interest in the interlocutor and shows a lot of attention. Of course, you should not go beyond reason, you should not overact, otherwise, the flirtation of the flirting will be quickly recognized. Sincerity with your Ukrainian bride is very important. There is no need to openly use people: a person who does this will quickly ruin his reputation and lose weight in society.

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